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SMTPD Multiline Banner

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SMTPD multiline banner Patch

During postfix's lifetime I have provided a few very minor patches, which have been accepted by Wietse (with changes).

One patch which I find useful is the SMTP multiline banner patch. Postfix only supports returning a single line smtp banner when a client connects on the SMTP port.

This patch allows a system administrator to provide system information to a remote administrator by adding information to the SMTP banner his server provides.

The URL for the patch is:

To use this patch /etc/postfix/main.cf must be setup as follows:

# The smtpd_banner parameter specifies the text that follows the 220 # status code in the SMTP greeting banner. Some people like to see # the mail version advertised. By default, Postfix shows no version. # # You MUST specify the $myhostname at the start of the text. When # the SMTP client sees its own hostname at the start of an SMTP # greeting banner it will report a mailer loop. That's better than # having a machine meltdown. # # Additionally when the smtpd_banner patch is applied multiple lines # can be sent in the smtpd_banner, each new line separated by the # sequence "\n" as shown below. # smtpd_banner = $myhostname ESMTP $mail_name\n \n System Info: This is a Postfix mail server\n . running a multiline SMTP greeting patch\n \n Further Info: See http://www.postfix.org\n \n Site Contact: John Smith, Postmaster\n Email: <postmaster@test.com>n Telephone: +1-123-456-7890 \n Please don't send me SPAM here - we don't like it # This produces the following SMTP greeting: # # 220-mail.test.com ESMTP Postfix # 220- # 220-System Info: This is a Postfix mail server # 220-. running a multiline SMTP greeting patch # 220- # 220-Further Info: See http://www.postfix.org # 220- # 220-Site Contact: John Smith, Postmaster # 220-Email: <postmaster@test.com> # 220-Telephone: +1-123-456-7890 # 220- # 220 Please don't send me SPAM here - we don't like it

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