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This page is for giving news about the servers or services I offer.

Date Description

Due to general lack of time and family commitments I'm no longer actively following postfix progression. As such rpm development is also updated on an adhoc basis. If you see issues please let me know and I'll try to update my site with any necessary fixes or updates.


The services {postfix,ftp,rsync}.wl0.org have been relocated to a new server (provided and run by the German Postfix community) in Berlin, Germany. I'd like to thank them for providing these resources.

  • http://www.wl0.org is still out of service (work in progress).
  • http://postfix.wl0.org has been successfully relocated.
  • http://ftp.wl0.org has been succesfully relocated.
  • ftp://ftp.wl0.org has been succesfully relocated.
    However, please use the new URL ftp://ftp.wl0.org/ftp.wl0.org/... to access the archives.
  • The mailman lists postfix-es and postfix-rpm-announce are shortly about to be migrated. Existing mail functionality of these lists works.
  • http://lists.wl0.org is going to be relocated to a new mailman server. (work in progress)

All services converted services should work as before. Please inform me if this is not the case.


The servers I've been using for hosting my web/ftp sites have changed.

  • http://www.wl0.org has been relocated to my home server which has limited bandwidth.
  • http://postfix.wl0.org is going to be relocated shortly to a new server. (work in progress)
  • http://ftp.wl0.org is going to be relocated shortly to a new server. (work in progress)
  • http://lists.wl0.org is going to be relocated to a new mailman server. (work in progress)

My cable provider changed my IP address. This leads to disruption while my DNS servers are adjusted and DNS caches are cleared.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Server down since 21-07-2006. (I was unable to reach it to restart it). All services (dns/ftp/http) should now have been restored. You should have been able to use one of the mirrors while my site was down.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Server upgraded to new OS release.


Moved ftp.wl0.org and postfix.wl0.org back to the Netherlands.


Updated look and feel of the web site to mirror the changes made on the main Postfix Home Page.


Patrick Reich's Postfix mirror has changed domain name. The new location for his ftp mirror is now ftp://ftp.crpts.com/mirrors/postfix. Thanks to Patrick for making these facilities available.


The ftp, web and rsync servers have been relocated to Tokyo, Japan.
My thanks go to S. A. Hughes Consulting for providing these new facilities.


The ftp and web servers should all be up and running again. Due to changes I made to the DNS this may not be apparent for the next 24 hours. If you experience problems accessing my servers please let me know.


My main server providing web, ftp, rsync and mail services is not available. Please use mirrors while the problem is resolved.

© 2001-2014 Simon J. Mudd <sjmudd@pobox.com>
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