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The RPM packages I provide

Most versions of unix have a proprietary packaging format, which allows you to install binary programs without having to compile your own software. Linux is no exception.

This page provides links to the packaged version of postfix designed to run on RedHat Linux, that is RedHat Enterprise Linux, Fedora Linux or it's derivatives. (see http://www.redhat.com for further information), which I have been producing over the last few years.

The packages have also been reported to work on the following RedHat based RPM distributions:

They may work on other RedHat-based distributions. Please let me know of other specific distributions that the packages work under so I can update this list.

The work was originally done for my own benefit, when no RPM packages where available for postfix, especially as I had several machines to maintain updated. As a result of this I decided to provide the packages for other people to use.

The postfix RPMs I have built are based on different versions of the postfix source code from before Postfix 1.x through Postfix 2.0, 2.1 up to the recent Postfix 2.9 releases.

Further information on building the postfix package from the source RPM and various configuration decisions are explained here.

Note: The packages I build have my SMTP multiline banner patch applied. If you rebuild from the source RPM the patch will not be applied unless you specifically enable it.

I'd like to thank the following people for providing machines for me to build my packages on:

  • Scott A. Hughes
  • Josep M.
  • Luis A. Ramos
and also the following people for providing me with RPM binaries for distributions I wasn't running at the time:
  • Klaus Jaehne
  • Emmanuel Seyman
  • Chris Wareham
  • Jorge Bras

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